The National Book Council (NBC) is proud to present The Literary Export Initiative for Publishers and Authors from Malta. Selected participants will showcase their works in a foreign rights catalogue distributed at the London Book Fair 2024, held at Olympia London from 12 to 14 March, and at other international book fairs throughout 2024. This initiative aims to empower Maltese publishers and authors by providing a platform to promote up to 5 of their selected titles in the 2024 Malta foreign rights catalogue, which will also feature a section dedicated to National Book prize winning titles and information about the Malta Book Fund – the latter curated by the NBC.

Despite the increased accessibility of communication technologies, smaller independent companies face challenges establishing themselves globally. The NBC recognizes the hurdles encountered by Maltese publishers and authors in navigating the international publishing market and is committed to supporting their success. As part of this initiative, the Council supports Maltese publishers and authors to connect with key industry players at foreign book fairs through a foreign rights catalogue featuring comprehensive information about their selected publications.

Initiative details

The Literary Export Initiative is open to Maltese publishers who own rights to the works they intend to pitch for inclusion in the Malta foreign rights catalogue 2024. If such agreements are not in place, applicants must make efforts to sign agreements with the author of the books before applying, or at the very least before the 2024 London Book Fair dates. To be eligible, applicants must actively engage in exporting Maltese literature. Up to 5 titles per publisher can be submitted for inclusion in the rights catalogue.

Authors are requested to contact their publishers should they wish their book to be proposed for the foreign rights catalogue.

The application period for The Literary Export Initiative for Publishers and Authors from Malta closes on 1 February 2024. Participants in this initiative may also apply for up to two free guest badges to attend the London Book Fair 2024, with the option to utilize meeting tables at the NBC stand 6A34 for up to two slots on specified dates and times (availability confirmation will be provided by an NBC representative). Alternatively, NBC representatives at the London Book Fair must be briefed to handle any requests related to the books. Post-fair negotiations will be conducted by the rights holder, as indicated in the catalogue.

Publishers applying to the initiative are required to secure translation rights from the author (in writing). It’s important to note that not every book submitted will automatically be chosen for inclusion in the foreign rights catalogue. A selection board will work closely with the NBC to finalize the catalogue, in light of our understanding of the international market.

Support in Application Submission

Selected applicants may receive support from the National Book Council before submitting titles for inclusion in the rights catalogue. Topics covered may include publishing contracts, foreign rights agreements, the role of agents and pitching. Individualized advice will be provided based on publishers’ lists and authors’ works mentioned in the application form.

Publishers are kindly requested to fill in the application form through this link by 1 February 2024:

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