The National Book Council, a public entity dedicated to serving the Maltese book industry, proudly announces the appointment of 5 new members to its Board, bringing a wealth of expertise, diverse perspectives, and a shared passion for the world of books.

The Council is governed by a non-executive Board of nine members nominated by the Minister for Education and appointed by the Prime Minister for a period of three years – members of the Board are eligible for reappointment after the term expires.

The newly appointed members are the author Dr Sandra Hili Vassallo, publisher Ms Joanne Micallef (Faraxa Publications), Manager at Heritage Malta Publications Mr Godwin Vella, poet and educator Dr Omar Seguna, and the author and lecturer Dr David Aloisio as Deputy Chairperson.

The Board has resumed its regular meetings on Tuesday 5 March to discuss the work of the Council for the following year and the Council’s upcoming strategy.

The National Book Council looks forward to the collaborative efforts of the newly appointed members and the existing board towards ensuring that Maltese publishing remains a vibrant form of cultural expression and education.

The members of the Board are:
Executive Chairperson
Mr Mark Camilleri

Mr Matthew Borg

Deputy Chairperson
Dr David Aloisio

Ms Daniela Attard Bezzina
Dr Maria Brown
Dr Sandra Hili Vassallo
Ms Joanne Micallef
Dr Omar Seguna
Mr Godwin Vella

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