The National Book Council has presented a considerable donation of local publications to the Foundation for Social Welfare Services (FSWS).

These books will populate the shelves of the new library at the Leap Centre in Valletta. This space will be used by the community in Valletta and Floriana who benefit from the services of FSWS offered from here.

The donated books span a diverse range of literary genres, ranging from locally published novels, short-stories, poetry, drama, translations, biographies and research books to a selection of books for children of different ages who have won the National Book Prize or other competitions organised by the NBC, as well as other books.

A sample of the donation was presented to Mariella Ikechi, Community Worker, by Matthew Borg, Senior Manager at the NBC. Denise Farrugia, Manager, Maria Mercieca, Leader, and Russell John Debono, Social Mentor, were also present.

Throughout the year the National Book Council donates books to various Governmental entities, NGOs, and other groups in its attempt to facilitate access to books and reading to as much different sectors of the population as possible.

Apart from these one-off donations, the NBC keeps its appointment with Malta Libraries more than once every year, whereby large amounts of books are donated which ensure that all public libraries in Malta and Gozo can continue to provide the latest and best literature and research books to the public.

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