The National Book Council is announcing a new TV programme called ‘Wiċċ imb Wiċċ’, in collaboration wit Antonella Axisa. In each episode, the presenter, Antonella, reads an excerpt from a Maltese contemporary literary book.

The programme is aired on the national TV station every Tuesday at 7.30pm, before the 8pm bulletin, and a longer version of the programme can be accessed through the National Book Council’s Youtube channel. Here, the public can listen to Antonella delving deeper with the author with questions related to the book, the inspiration to write it, the social and political aspect of the narrative, the writer’s vision, etc. One can access the full version of the programme from the National Book Council’s Facebook page.

The first programme will be aired on the 3 October 2017, featuring Antoinette Borg with her novel Fittixni, which is shortlisted for the Terramaxka Prize 2017, in the category for original works to the 13-16 years cohort. Antoinette Borg has won the Literary Contest of Novels for Youth 2017.

The National Book Council would like to thank Antonella Axisa, the workers in the Ministry of Education and Employment that took care of the technical details, and finally Brikkuni for authorising the Council to use their music in the programme. The Council invites the public to watch the programme either on TV, or on the Council’s Youtube channel.

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