A workshop on literary journalism and book reviews, designed specially for the Malta Book Festival by top UK journalists and media professionals Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman, is a highlight event of this year’s Festival. The two-hour, intensive and specialist session, titled ‘A Riveting Workshop’, will take place at M.A. Grima Hall, MCC, on Thursday 9 November starting 17:30 hours. Attendance is free but places are limited and must be booked beforehand.

The world of book promotion and reviewing is today highly competitive and highly digitised. The aim of the workshop is to enable journalists to hone their critical faculties – to learn how to assess a book’s impact and how to craft a strong personal response to a book.

Participants will also learn about how PR works best in the world of books – how do you break through? How do you best use social media and websites to promote books? How do you write a strong promotional press release and compose a text that will help you sell your book or event or author?

The workshop will address all these questions and will provide top tips, practical examples, short exercises and motivational advice to help professional and aspiring literary journalists, editors, publishers and booksellers write riveting book reviews and riveting PR and promotion for all media outlets.

Rosie Goldsmith and Max Easterman are established and well-known journalists. They run the UK’s European Literature Network  and launched The Riveter literary magazine this year. They broadcast, write, review, translate, host events and conduct courses all over the UK and internationally. Rosie is also Chair of the judges of the EBRD Literature Prize and a well-known public champion of international literature and language-learning in the UK.

The NBC strongly urges all those interested to apply now as there are only a few places left.

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