‘Xi Qrajt dan l-Aħħar?’ is a 10-minute TV programme aired on weekdays, where people from all spheres of life come and talk about a book or books they have recently read, or are still reading. The presenter of the programme, Antonella Axisa, asks the guest questions which delve into the structure, themes or plot of the book, but also questions related to the guest’s reading habits or preferences.

In past seasons, one can recall that the programme was 5 minutes long, aired once a week, and the guests were all involved in the local book industry. This time the National Book Council decided to double the time and air the programme from Monday to Friday. The aim was to enlarge the circle of guests, who with their diverse expertise brought with them a wider selection of books, therefore appealing to larger sections of society. This season had guests coming from the music industry, healthcare, teaching, fitness and wellbeing, philosophy, adventure and medicine amongst others. Anyone who reads on a frequent basis could be part of the programme.

All episodes of this season’s ‘Xi Qrajt dan l-Aħħar’ were filmed at the Central Public Library in Floriana, and aired on TVM2 at 7.30pm, with repetitions on TVM, from October to December 2018. All the episodes can be viewed either from the Natonal Book Council’s Facebook page, or on our Youtube channel.

‘Xi Qrajt dan l-Aħħar?’ was the first TV initiative by the National Book Council and it has since been met with considerable success among the viewing public, ever since its first episode which was aired on 1st November 2015, featuring author Walid Nahban.