Open Call For A Digital Animator/Motion Designer

The National Book Council (NBC) and the Malta Community of Illustrators (MCOI) are excited to announce an open call for a digital animator/motion designer to create a captivating promotional video for the 2024 Malta Book Festival (MBF 24) based on the illustrations by Ed Dingli.

The video will explore the theme of this year’s Festival: #bindingworlds, which embodies the desire to highlight every facet of the literary realm, from the inception of an idea to the final product. Just as the Festival embraces all stages of the publishing process, MBF 24 promises to be a celebration of creativity in its myriad forms. The artwork will be divided into four different ‘worlds’ unveiled gradually throughout the campaign, with each of them depicting a different facet of the core concept.

This is an excellent opportunity to be part of Malta’s biggest festival dedicated to books and the publishing industry.

The video will complement the MBF 24 campaign. It will be used as pre-roll for a number of promotional materials, while also serving as a dynamic visual representation of the Festival’s theme and programme. It is therefore crucial that the video not only responds to the creative prompt of the illustrator, but that it also prominently features the dates, main design elements and the #bindingworlds tagline.

The illustrations available to applicants at call stage are in a moodboard comprising of the first elements of the 2024 Malta Book Festival campaign, and will be followed by the reveal of the four illustrated ‘worlds’ in a number of teaser posts in the coming months.

The soundtrack to be used is Zoltan by Kym Pepe.

What We Are Looking For

🎬 Video length: 30-35 seconds max, and an additional shorter jingle of 5-7 seconds 

🎬 Type: Visually-led animation use: Online (mp4) and potentially broadcast on TV (mxf), as well as prerolls on online portals 

🎬 Language: Maltese, with English subtitles

🎬 Script: Minimal (a few speech bubbles / supers) 

🎬 Further information about the 2024 Malta Book Festival (6–10 November) can be found on The hashtags for the Festival are: ‘#bindingworlds’ – ‘#dinjietjirrimaw’

MBF 24 Moodboard

The artwork will be divided into four different ‘worlds’ unveiled gradually throughout the campaign, with each of them depicting a different facet of the core concept.

World 1 is dominated by a movement of clouds and some fluttering / movement of pages / light streaks. World 2 shows movement of people (e.g. a person diving into the pool, a girl blowing bubbles). Every element hangs in the balance with slight movement as if they are toppling / keeping balance. World 3 features a ship bobbing up and down, the flat waving, the smoke smoking and the papers flying. World 4 has tools moving slightly and movement on a thread and words.

How to Apply

If you are a digital animator or motion designer interested in this exciting opportunity, please submit the following materials via this form.

  1. Your portfolio showcasing relevant work and demonstrating your skills in animation and motion design.
    2. Your proposal: a description of your approach to this project and how you plan to bring the concept to life.
    3. A proposed timeline for the completion of the promotional video within the 9 weeks allocated.
    4. Your contact information (name, email, phone number).

Structuring Your Proposal

The proposal should contain a description of your approach to this project and how you plan to bring the concept to life.

When submitting your proposal, please structure it according to the following key elements:

🎬 Introduction: Introduce yourself and provide a brief overview of your experience in digital animation and motion design.

🎬 Approach: Share your creative approach and vision for the promotional video, keeping in mind the theme of the Malta Book Festival 2024 and the concept of #bindingworlds. The illustrations of the Festival campaign are by Ed Dingli. This is his message to you: ‘My inspiration for this year’s artwork was based on the sense of a journey. Of drawing the reader into the world of literature & storytelling. Of exploring different crafts, genres and books that elicit different feelings within us. Of opening doors and discovery, elusivity, adventure, mystery and wonder. Each book a world of unexpected encounters, each new page a new exploration.

🎬 The proposal should include a visit to each of the four worlds. The last scene should feature the whole poster.

🎬 Timeline: Outline your proposed work plan for completing the project within the deadline.

🎬 Portfolio: Showcase relevant examples from your portfolio that highlight your skills and expertise.

🎬 A minimal script for the promotional video would be appreciated. The script should be concise and highlight the Festival’s main message.

Important Dates

🎬 Open Call announcement: 4 June

🎬 Deadline to submit your application and proposal: 18 June

🎬 Appointment of winning applicant: 28 June

🎬 Video Delivery Deadline: 9 weeks from the announcement of the results and receiving all relevant information, full brief and artwork – to be discussed with the selected applicant

🎬 Publication of the Festival’s promotional video: 24 September 2024


The all-inclusive Digital Animator/Motion Designer fee will be €3,000 excl. VAT. This includes the cost of creating a video of 30-35 seconds maximum, plus a shorter jingle video of 5-7 seconds with sound loops based on the longer one. Fees are paid after the video is complete and delivered. Animators must submit an invoice for their fees and possess a VAT number.

Join us in celebrating the power of literature and its diverse connections to other media at the 2024 Malta Book Festival. Your animation could be the perfect medium to inspire, educate and ignite the imagination of our Festival attendees.

We look forward to receiving your proposals!

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