The National Book Council is happy to present its comprehensive Annual Report for 2018. The close of 2018 marked another consecutive year of growth for the National Book Council with further increase in government funding, and new services and projects granted under its remit. With all the new targets and additional tasks, this was one of the most challenging years so far.

The NBC would like to thank everyone involved in making 2018 a successful year. We are looking forward to 2019. More projects and bigger challenges await us. As well as strengthening our domestic reach, we intend to start increasing our work abroad. The local book industry is facing various challenges, but never before has the National Book Council been such a key player in it. We will keep on working towards our goals and following our vision, while remaining humble, accessible and transparent.

Keep visiting our website for updates about the NBC’s schedule for 2019.

Here’s a link for the web version in English of the Annual Report 2018.

Click here for its mobile version in English.

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